Minecraft 1.18.30

Minecraft 1.18.30
Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.30 apk free: go in search of a mysterious Ancient city, be wary of meeting Warden, and use improved water transport.

Minecraft 1.18.30: Caves & Cliffs

The developers of Mojang Studios do not stop working to improve and modernize the game space. In Minecraft PE 1.18.30, players will meet with the strongest and most insidious mob, as well as the opportunity to try out a new type of transport.

By the way, a new location has been added in this version, where the heroes can find incredible treasures.


Now the journey to the underground biomes will not only be difficult due to the lack of lighting but also extremely dangerous because a new monster lives in this area. Warden feels the presence of the player thanks to the vibrations and sounds made by him.

Therefore, if the hero in Minecraft 1.18.30 does not want to become a victim of this creepy creature, you should be extremely careful and not make unnecessary noise. By the way, the Sculk blocks can also cause the appearance of this creature.

New item

Going on a trip by sea or river, the heroes often faced the problem of lack of space needed to accommodate the things they needed on the trip. The solution was the appearance of a boat with a chest in Minecraft PE 1.18.30 Caves & Cliffs.

To craft it, it is enough to combine two desired items and use an updated vehicle. This is a great opportunity to try something new and explore previously inaccessible spaces.

Ancient city

If the player manages to overcome the Dark Depths and not become a victim of the Warden, they will be able to get to a unique location. It is called the Ancient City and in Minecraft 1.18.30 you can find a lot of unique treasures here.

All of them are stored in chests on the territory of local temples. But going on a journey in search of this biome, it is worth taking care of the best equipment because the journey will be extremely dangerous.

  • Where to find Ancient City?
    Go to the Deep Dark Biome.
  • What was added in MCPE 1.18.30?
    The developers have added many biomes, expanded the height and depth of the game world.
  • How many mobs are in Minecraft PE 1.18.30?
    25 new mobs have been added.
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