Minecraft 1.21.1

Minecraft 1.21.1
21 June 2024
Tricky Trials

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.1 apk free Tricky Trials: explore mysterious dungeons, try to find items in vaults, and fight with windows charges!

Minecraft 1.21.1: Tricky Trials

Many people like the adventures in Trial Chambers, which the developers from Mojang have added to the game. Minecraft PE 1.21.1 has even more unique features that will allow users to show all their skills acquired in the virtual world.

In this update, you should take advantage of such unique features as:

  • Crafting durable weapons — Mace;
  • battles with mobs created by spawners;
  • attacks using wind charges.


In this update, players have the opportunity to craft a unique weapon for themselves — Mace. Using this item in Trial Chambers will help Minecraft 1.21.1 users defend against enemies and attack mobs in close combat.

Crafting this weapon involves some unique ingredients. MCPE 1.21.1 players will need a Breeze Rod, which can be taken after the death of Breeze.

The second ingredient is the Heavy Core, which is located in the Vault.

Wind Charges

If Minecraft PE 1.21.1 players want to fight mobs with new weapons, they should try Wind Charges.

After the death of the Breeze, it is possible to take these items from the mob as loot and defeat opponents with their help.

Trial Spawner

Visitors to Trial Chambers know that mobs appear there thanks to the spawner. Interestingly, if the Bad Omen effect is on the Minecraft 1.21.1 player, then the blog turns into Ominous, which means that it will create more dangerous creatures.

They wear armor and are harder to defeat.


Those who want to get cool items for crafting and fighting in Trial Chambers should look for Vaults. These blocks are unique in that they are opened only with special Keys. By the way, it is possible to unlock such a block only once in Minecraft PE 1.21.1.

  • How to open Vault in MCPE 1.21.1?
    Use special keys.
  • How to get wind charges in Minecraft PE 1.21.1?
    Get it from Breeze after the its death.
  • How to make Mace?
    Use Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
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