Lost City Map for Minecraft PE

Lost City Map for Minecraft PE
Published: 16 February 2023
Modified: 14 February 2023
Category: City
Exciting adventures in a very unusual place

Download Lost City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: get ready right now to fight monsters, bypass all traps, and find treasures.

Lost City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: an incredibly interesting and mysterious place

Go to explore the incredible locations that the authors of Lost City Map have prepared for players. During the game, the heroes will have to solve a mysterious story, escape from traps and even fight with very dangerous opponents.

Such an adventure in Minecraft Bedrock will go down in history as one of the most interesting.

Lost City

The authors of this add-on for Lost City Map have come up with a very interesting story that becomes a reality on the territory of the location. In the story, the Minecraft PE player appears as an archaeologist.

But as soon as he gets to the ruins of an ancient settlement, it becomes clear that everything is not so simple in this place. Strange events can destroy all plans and the heroes need to try to reach their cherished goal at all costs.

Namely, to find incredible treasures that were hidden somewhere on the territory. Along the way, he will have to cope with a lot of puzzles and pass unharmed through traps, as well as win a battle with dangerous creatures.


Fascinating and, of course, very dangerous adventures have been prepared by the authors of Lost City Map for all Minecraft PE users who will install this update. First, the player finds himself on a completely ordinary island, at his disposal will be a book with instructions and guide tips.

In this territory, he will have to find everything necessary for further travel, which will take place underwater. The fact is that it is there where the Flooded city is located. If the player is lucky, he will be able to find not only himself but also the Edge portal, which leads to another dimension.

In it, the final battle with a very strong and dangerous opponent will take place.

  • In the role of whom will the player appear on the Lost City Map?
    In the role of an archaeologist.
  • What challenges are waiting for the players?
    Traps and very dangerous mobs.
  • Is the map suitable for survival mode?
    Yes, it fits.
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Download Lost City Map for Minecraft PE

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