Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE

Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE
1 March 2023
Category: Anime
A very attractive girl will be happy with a valuable gift

Download Jenny Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: go in search of a new unusual structure inhabited by a very unusual character for the cubic world.

Jenny Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: Bold and attractive

This update is very unusual for the Minecraft PE world and was previously only available in the computer version. This is due to complex game mechanics that were difficult to port to the pocket version.

But thanks to the updates of the game, as well as the efforts of the authors of Jenny Mod, a large number of users can evaluate the capabilities of this character.

It is worth noting that the heroine is an adult girl who has a unique manner of behavior and changes her mood depending on the actions of the player. For example, having received diamonds or other valuables from him, she will radically change her actions and will be ready to fulfill any desire.

Jenny’s Home

After installing the Jenny Mod, players will be able to find a new structure on the territory. It looks like a small church or chapel and has several floors. Inside, the Minecraft Bedrock player will find some furniture, as well as a special lever.

Using it, players can call a charming girl to the playground. By the way, users can do this an unlimited number of times and create a whole harem of them.

Interesting features

The appearance of the heroine Jenny Mod is different from all non-player characters in Minecraft PE. The fact is that it has rounded shapes and a very realistic and beautiful figure with outstanding data.

As long as the player did not give her anything, she would just follow him everywhere. But after receiving the gemstone, she can be asked to fulfill one of several desires.

For this purpose, a dialog menu has been specially created in the update. Learn the features of a new character right now and get ready to be surprised.

  • Where is the lever for calling Jenny?
    In a special structure similar to a chapel.
  • How can you tame a girl in Jenny Mod?
    With the help of diamonds or other valuables.
  • How does Jenny differ from other characters?
    In appearance and behavior model.
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Download Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE

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