FNAF 1 Map for Minecraft PE

FNAF 1 Map for Minecraft PE
4 March 2023
Category: Horror
Dangerous adventures based on the famous story

Download FNAF 1 Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: test your nerves, and try to stay alive after meeting the most unpleasant and creepy toys in the world.

FNAF 1 Map for Minecraft Bedrock: Dangerous and treacherous creatures

A chilling horror will envelop the player from the moment when he first appears on the territory of this location. The oppressive atmosphere and the constant premonition that someone is watching him will not leave for a second.

But the hero will still have to pull himself together because on FNAF 1 Map he will have to live for 5 whole nights. At first, it will seem that everything is not so bad, but with the onset of midnight, terrible events will begin to happen one after another.

And each time the Minecraft Bedrock player will find it more and more difficult to cope with the dangers.

The atmosphere of horror

From the outside, the pizzeria building looks quite ordinary, but as soon as the player goes inside, he will realize that nothing good awaits him there. The whole once-festive interior is ruined, the paint has peeled off on the walls, and the beautiful and bright posters have faded and are terrifying.

The authors of FNAF 1 Map tried to recreate the original atmosphere of this place in Minecraft PE, and they did it perfectly.

Creepy creatures

The main danger of this place is its inhabitants. They are 4 life-size dolls in the image of various animals. These are a chicken, a wolf, a fox, and a bunny. But it used to be that they were cute and made the kids laugh.

In FNAF 1 Map, they have turned into bloodthirsty murderers who will be looking for their victim all night, which a Minecraft PE player can become.


The developers of FNAF 1 Map have provided various auxiliary items that should help the Minecraft PE player in the process of survival. First of all, this is a surveillance camera, which is located in the quick access slots.

With its help, you can track the location of monsters in the territory. By the way, in some rooms, there are special buttons that close the entrance with a steel door.

  • Which famous heroes will appear on FNAF 1 Map?
    Freddy, Chick, Bonnie and Foxy.
  • How many nights should a player last?
    5 nights.
  • In which location is the action taking place?
    Freddy's pizzeria.
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Download FNAF 1 Map for Minecraft PE

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