Minecraft 1.20.81

Minecraft 1.20.81
29 April 2024
Copper Update (Minecraft Version 1.20.81)

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.81 apk free Armored Paws Update: Get full information on how to use armor for your tamed wolf.

Minecraft 1.20.81 Release: Armored Paws Update

As you know, in the cubic world there are several armor options for players, which they can use to protect themselves from all kinds of threats. Also, equipment can recently be decorated with beautiful patterns using special templates. But in Minecraft PE 1.20.81, there is an opportunity to improve the protective characteristics not only for yourself but also for a tamed wolf.

You can do this in MCPE 1.20.81 with the help of special flaps, which are periodically reset by Armadillo. There is no need to kill the animal – he will give them himself, the main thing is not to scare him, because otherwise, he will curl up.

Protection for a pet

Many users who have already tamed wolves were afraid to take their pets on trips because they were worried about their safety. In Minecraft 1.20.81, you should not worry about this, because such an item as Wolf Armor will appear in the arsenal of heroes.

But it is worth considering some features so that the process of its application is as effective as possible:

  1. You can repair pet equipment using the same flaps that it is made of;
  2. In Minecraft version 1.20.81, it can be painted in different colors, similar to Leather armor;
  3. Only the player who tamed the mob can put it on;
  4. If an animal equipped with protection dies, then it drops it.

The Mace

The new weapon in Minecraft PE 1.20.81 has very cool properties that will be useful to the heroes in the process of exploring the cubic world. First of all, it is worth noting that the damage caused by the mace will be higher if you use it from a jump.

You can repair this weapon in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.81 using wind charges. Use an anvil for this.

  • How can I increase the damage from a Mace in Minecraft PE 1.20.81?
    Use it in a jump.
  • What is the Wolf Armor for in MCPE 1.20.81?
    To protect your pet.
  • How can it be repaired?
    With the help of Armadillo flaps.
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Minecraft 1.20.81
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