Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE

Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE
16 May 2023
Category: Anime
Naruto Jedy

Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: get into the well-known world of the manga, and meet many characters.

The Best Naruto Mods for Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE players can add famous anime characters to their reality. Naruto mod allows players to make a thematic space from the game world with new mobs and objects.


Those who love Naruto themes will love this mod. The authors have recreated many types of weapons and anime items. It is worth noting that the textures of some objects in Minecraft PE will change and become like cartoon ones.


Naruto mod adds weapons to Minecraft PE to attack enemies and protect the player, as well as new effects. Players will love a sword that can set mobs on fire during battle. There is also a lightning attack and many other new features.

The command /give @s nse will allow the player to get all the features of the addon.


All the mobs that the mod adds have their own animations and even custom sounds in Minecraft PE. By the way, users can receive loot after the death of creatures.

Players will be able to get acquainted with Naruto and other famous characters. During battles, the user should take into account that all mobs have different health and abilities. It is possible to tame creatures, which will help to get additional protection from enemy attacks.

Naruto Jedy

Minecraft PE users can get ninja abilities with this Naruto mod. To do this, the player can try on new skins and get effects. Each costume has its own mascot, which allow players to effectively attack aggressive mobs.

By the way, the user-friendly interface helps in getting information about the player’s health and the number of points he received.

Getting effects happens after killing creatures. For example, if a player tames a wolf and then kills it, he gets one of the abilities.

Minecraft PE users can get their own food and new weapons.

  • How to install Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE?
    To install any of Anime Mods you should download necessary files and tap on all of them one by one.
  • How to check crafting recipe from Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE?
    They all are already in game, so use can view them without leaving the cubic world.
  • How to spawn character from Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE?
    You should use spawn eggs.
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Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE

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