Minecraft 1.20.80

Minecraft 1.20.80
23 April 2024
Copper Update (Minecraft Version 1.20.80)

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.80 apk free Armored Paws Update: Start your adventures in the cubic world by exploring the dark corridors and secret rooms in the Trial Chamber.

Minecraft 1.20.80 Release: Armored Paws Update

It is no secret that every user is looking forward to the new version of the game and finally Minecraft PE 1.20.80 release has become available to users. The developers of Mojang Studios in this version have tried to work out all aspects of the gameplay and fixed some technical glitches.

All this made it possible to present the players with the most stable and productive product, in which they will have a lot of interesting discoveries and opportunities.Players will have to master crafting Wolf Armor, which will protect the pet from enemies. Also, the heroes themselves can evaluate the possibilities of using such weapons as a Mace.

The possibilities of pets

As you know, in the cubic world, not all mobs are useless or dangerous, on the contrary, by adding creatures to the game, developers try to make them as useful and interesting as possible for interaction.

This is exactly what happened with Armadillo, which recently entered the gaming space and immediately became a favorite of many players. But at first, it was not clear why the developers made its flaps available for receiving during cleaning.

But in Minecraft 1.20.80, this mystery was revealed and now it is absolutely clear that these durable plates are needed to create armor. It will be useful to those heroes who have a tamed wolf, it is for this animal that it is intended.


Not only benevolent creatures are found on the path of heroes in Minecraft PE 1.20.80, but dangerous monsters will often come across on their way. To effectively fight them, get a Mace.

This handy melee weapon will do even more damage if used in a jump.

  • How to get shields from Armadillo in Minecraft PE 1.20.80?
    Using a Brush.
  • What are Armadillo shields used to create in MCPE 1.20.80?
    To create Wolf Armor.
  • Where do Wolves live?
    In almost all biomes.
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