27 March 2024
Copper Update

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Minecraft Copper Update

In the new version of the cubic world, the developers of Mojang Studios offer players a great opportunity to show their fighting skills. Moreover, this can be done using a new weapon. To get it, you need to go straight to the Trial Chamber.

This underground location in Minecraft PE consists of many rooms and corridors. It is not so easy to find it, but now you can purchase a new map from a Cartographer, which will show the way to your cherished goal. Previously, it would need to be upgraded to Journeyman.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers in this version, it was possible to mitigate the risk that arises at the time of activation of the resource package.


One of the most interesting and exciting activities in Minecraft is treasure hunting. Previously, all players tried to find ancient artifacts by doing archaeology in the desert. Now they have an adventure underground.

In the structure called the Trial Chamber, you can find many interesting and unusual things:

  1. Copper blocks can now also represent graves, as well as illuminate the space;
  2. Vault – a unique block inside which the player will find treasures and ingredients to create new weapons;
  3. Trial Spawner – a new type of blocks that generate monsters, defeating them all, the player now receives an excellent reward.


To fight different opponents more effectively, as well as destroy as many monsters as possible, players are encouraged to use weapons. In Minecraft PE, a mace can act as it.

With great damage, it can give players the real pleasure of defeating even the most dangerous opponents. By the way, if the hero attacks in a jump, the damage will be greater. Do not worry, he would not take any fall damage.

  • What kind of weapon can be used in a jump in MCPE
    A mace.
  • Where can I find Vault in Minecraft PE In Trial Chamber.
    To open the Vault.
  • What is the Trial Key used for?
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