Minecraft 1.18.32

Minecraft 1.18.32
Published: 3 February 2023
Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.32 apk free: avoid meeting Warden, evaluate all the features of the spectator mode, and travel to mysterious locations.

Minecraft 1.18.32: Caves & Cliffs

With each update, the cubic world is getting better, and players have more opportunities for an exciting pastime.  In Minecraft PE 1.18.32, they will meet several new creatures, as well as a chance to go on a sea voyage.

To fully appreciate all the novelties, it is recommended to use the Viewer mode.


In Minecraft 1.18.32, this creature got even more opportunities to track down its victims. The developers have expanded the range in which he can hear sounds and attacks.

After Warden notices the player, the level of his anger will constantly increase and will certainly lead to an attack. It is worth noting that he can destroy even a fully equipped hero.


This mob, on the contrary, will be an excellent assistant to the player in his travels and in the process of searching for various resources. Allay can fly and therefore easily overcomes various obstacles and always remains a useful companion of each hero.

With its help in Minecraft PE 1.18.32, players will be able to collect everything necessary for the construction or other purposes much faster.

Technical changes

The development team worked hard to fix several technical problems and also eliminated errors that occurred with the current lava and water.

By the way, in Minecraft 1.18.32, stable operation is observed on all devices, including weak ones.

New locations

Space exploration is one of the most fascinating processes in Minecraft PE 1.18.32. This time, the lucky ones who will be able to find the Ancient City will receive incredible loot as a reward.

For all those who decide to travel, it is recommended to take care of reliable armor.

  • How many mobs are in Minecraft PE 1.18.32?
    25 new mobs have been added.
  • What abilities does Allay have?
    He can collect and bring various items to the player.
  • What was added in MCPE 1.18.32?
    The developers have added many biomes, expanded the height and depth of the game world.
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