Minecraft 1.18.12

Minecraft 1.18.12
3 February 2023
Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.12 apk free: create original glowing blocks with the assistance of frogs, extract goat horn and find minerals.

Minecraft 1.18.12: Caves & Cliffs

Each new version of the block world features interesting innovations and improved graphics, as well as more stable gameplay. In Minecraft PE 1.18.12 Caves & Cliffs, players will be able to evaluate additional elements and details.

By the way, it is proposed to visit unusual biomes, in which the heroes will meet new mobs and blocks.

New mobs

One of the interesting innovations of Minecraft 1.18.12 is the appearance of unusual creatures. These are frogs that are usually found in swamp biomes. These animals are characterized by a friendly attitude and will not cause any harm to the hero.

If you feed them, then after a while their offspring will be born – tadpoles. Thus, players get the opportunity to breed amphibians. It is worth noting that these creatures also live in deserts and snowy areas.

But at the same time, their color will differ depending on the habitat.

Unique effect

This effect occurs when the hero is in caves for a long time. For a while, the player’s view will be heavily obscured. The area around will become muddy and blurry.

In this state, the hero will be as vulnerable as possible, so when sending him on an underground journey, it is worth stocking up on lighting sources. By the way, in Minecraft PE 1.18.12, one of them can be obtained with the assistance of frogs.

It is enough to feed the animals with Lava blocks and wait for the glowing block to appear.


But not only caves are interesting to visit in Minecraft 1.18.12. Players should also go on an unusual trip to the mountains. Now they have become even more interesting and diverse and much higher than before.

By the way, in such biomes, you can meet new creatures – goats. If this animal collides with a solid block, then a goat horn will fall out of it. This item is used to reproduce sounds.

  • What was added in Minecraft PE 1.18.12?
    The developers have added many biomes, expanded the height and depth of the game world.
  • How many mobs are in MCPE 1.18.12?
    25 new mobs have been added.
  • What determines the color of the frog?
    From the biome in which she appeared.
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