Minecraft 1.7.0

Minecraft 1.7.0
12 April 2023
Food and Scoreboard

Download Minecraft PE 1.7.0 apk free: сhat with other users in an improved chat and try out all the innovations of this version.

Minecraft 1.7.0: New chat features

As you know, all kinds of crashes and freezes greatly affect the entire gameplay, sometimes making it almost impossible. That is why the optimization that was carried out by the developers in Minecraft PE 1.7.0 is designed to help eliminate all or most of the problems.

But the authors did not forget about various innovations that will turn the cubic space into an amazing and diverse world. For example, new particles arising during various natural phenomena add more realism to nature.

Communication between players

In Minecraft 1.7.0, communication between players is carried out using a special chat. But earlier users noted some inconvenience in its use, so the developers took into account all the comments and updated the interface.

Now the area for correspondence itself has become larger, more information is placed on it. You can also use the @ value to have the player’s name highlighted in yellow.


The creators of maps and servers have been waiting for such an opportunity to appear in Bedrock Edition for a long time, and finally, in Minecraft PE 1.7.0 they have it. Now on the right side of the screen, you can see information about the number of completed levels or collected items.

Also, if the players were divided into teams and played survival about the number of deaths in one or another group.

More new features

An interesting new feature in Creative Mode is eating food. It will be most useful with two products. After eating the golden apple, the player will get some effect, and the horus fruit will teleport it to an arbitrary place.

By the way, in Minecraft 1.7.0, the latter was moved to the Items section.

  • What opportunities have appeared in the Creative mode in MCPE 1.7.0?
    Now the user can easily eat food during creativity.
  • What errors have been fixed?
    Now you can trade with the healed residents.
  • What are the main changes that have occurred in Minecraft PE 1.7.0?
    Improving the technical parameters of the game.
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Minecraft 1.7.0
12 April 2023 4
Minecraft 1.7.0

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