12 April 2023
Scoreboard and Commands

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Minecraft Commands and Servers

The developers tried to solve all the most important problems in Minecraft PE and it is worth noting that they did it perfectly. First of all, it is worth noting the emergence of the possibility of eating food in the Creative mode. Of course, this will not affect the condition of the hero in any way, but the process itself looks quite funny, thanks to the animation and sounds.

Users can also visit a new and very interesting service The Hive. Use the name highlighting in the chat to highlight the name of one of the players.

New command

Creators of various maps or servers will be pleased with the appearance of the command /scoreboard. It can be used via a menu or command block, and it also interacts with another command /gamerule.

Now in Minecraft, you can create a fully functional scoreboard on the screen, on which you can place information about players or set certain goals that they need to achieve.


The ability to simultaneously play with users from all over the world allows you to make the gameplay diverse and very interesting. This becomes possible with the help of a variety of servers.

Their list in Minecraft PE has been replenished with another interesting server, The Hive. This is a platform with various mini-games, which are characterized by incredible stability.  By the way, thanks to the changes in the chat, if you need to contact a certain player or get a list of all participants, just enter the @ icon. It is very convenient and functional.

Other changes

The developers did not forget about correcting other failures in the gameplay. So, in Minecraft, problems in single-player mode and with player permissions have been fixed. Also, the mobs’ models were slightly adjusted so that their appearance was correct.

  • Which command appeared in Minecraft PE
  • Why do I need the /scoreboard command in MCPE
    This command is perfect for all kinds of maps for passing and servers.
  • Which server is incredibly stable?
    The Hive.
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