11 April 2023
Fixes and Commands

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The cubic world is constantly changing, new biomes, mobs, and objects appear in it. And it is precise because of the large number of various innovations that various failures occur. If you do not solve these problems online, the gameplay will be accompanied by constant freezes and errors.

In Minecraft PE, several very noticeable fixes have appeared that will help players achieve their goals. And most importantly, the error with the loss of user progress has been fixed. All these innovations will help players to explore the cubic world and make the gameplay even more interesting.


This feature will appeal more to those users who create various maps and other updates. With its help, in Minecraft, a table will appear on the screen, in which a list of players and their statistics will be displayed. For example, the damage or experience received, as well as the number of deaths.

You will only need to adjust all the parameters, but the result will be amazing.


The developers in Minecraft PE paid special attention to drawing details of some items, for example, such as fried fish or cod. Thanks to these changes, their appearance is closer to the Java Edition.

It will also be important for players to know that the fruits of horus have been moved to Creative Mode.


Thanks to the improved search and filtering system in Minecraft, players will first of all see the most interesting products for them. There is also a button in the in-game store with which you can share information with other players.

It is worth noting that the interface as a whole has become more accessible and user-friendly.

  • What technical changes have occurred in Minecraft PE
    All elements of the game have been optimized to the maximum, and unnecessary details have been removed.
  • What opportunities have appeared in the Creative mode in MCPE
    Now the user can easily eat food during creativity.
  • What errors have been fixed?
    Now you can trade with the healed residents.
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