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Download Minecraft PE apk free: learn about all the innovations and how to correct the game space with unique commands.

Minecraft Commands and Textures

Optimizing all aspects of the game process is the major goal that developers want to solve in Minecraft PE Now many different indicators, such as frame rate per second, show excellent results.

Thanks to the external appearance of command blocks, users have the opportunity to make the play process automated. To do this, a huge number of different teams have appeared.


In the play process, users continuously interact with various blocks. That is why developers are constantly expanding their number. But it is also very important that their use does not load the system.

Therefore, in Minecraft, when dropping items, they will not jump sometimes, and an error that occurs when lifting objects at a specific range has also been fixed.


It is no secret that mobs play an important role and should always adapt quickly to the different cases in the gameplay. Developers are constantly improving their behavior and making interactions interesting and diverse.

In Minecraft PE, creatures such as horses-skeletons will not die after a certain time. By the way, the movement speed for zombie residents has been fixed. If the player encounters a skeleton underwater, the monster will switch to hand-to-hand combat.


With each new update, items, and blocks get more detail, unique elements, and high-quality graphics. This allows you to make the whole process of the game diverse and interesting.

To do this, in Minecraft PE, the external appearance of the dark prismarine blocks was fixed and other processes were updated. Use the updated objects to bring all the most daring ideas to life.

  • What errors have been fixed in Minecraft PE
    Now you can trade with the healed residents.
  • What technical changes have occurred in MCPE
    All elements of the game have been optimized to the maximum, and unnecessary details have been removed.
  • What opportunities have appeared in the Creative mode?
    Now the user can easily eat food during creativity.
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