Published: 11 April 2023
Modified: 14 April 2023
Scoreboard and Chat

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Minecraft Generation and Chat

As you know, this entire branch of updates is mainly aimed at correcting technical shortcomings. The developers want to make sure that in the future players worry as little as possible due to various failures and errors.

Therefore, Minecraft PE fixed bugs that occurred when changing the display. In addition, the iron golems have restored the function of attacking monsters that attack villages.

Fixed the animation of its appearance for Wither along with unique sound effects.

Generating the world

As you know, several dimensions in cubic space are constantly changing and getting a variety of new functions. At the same time, errors in incorrect generation create a large load on the entire gameplay.

Therefore, several changes have been made in Minecraft, which will have a positive impact on the distribution of landscape coordinates. For example, in the flat worlds, it will now be easier to see through the water, and in the lower world, the problem with the incorrect appearance of objects has been fixed.


Since mobs are an integral part of gameplay, the overall impression of users depends on their interaction with them. It is worth noting that in Minecraft PE, horses will not take damage while in a boat.

Also, pigs with saddles will drop players when passing through the water, and the enderman will not be able to pass between two blocks.


But the main change that has become available to players in Minecraft is the chat. With its help, you can now communicate with other participants of the gameplay more conveniently.

Also, with the help of simple manipulations, you can see the entire list of players, as well as highlight the name of one of them.

  • What technical changes have occurred in Minecraft PE
    All elements of the game have been optimized to the maximum, and unnecessary details have been removed.
  • Why do we need minor fixes in the mechanics of interaction with mobs?
    Not only the outcome of certain actions depends on their stable behavior, but also the operation of the system.
  • What opportunities have appeared in the Creative mode in MCPE
    Now the user can easily eat food during creativity.
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