11 April 2023
Commands and Chat

Download Minecraft PE apk free: learn about the capabilities of new teams, as well as evaluate the advanced features of the Creative Mode.

Minecraft Chat and New Commands

Due to a lot of user complaints about low performance, poor graphics quality, and limited Creative Mode capabilities, the developers have released Minecraft PE

In this version, they have done work on replacing animations, drawing textures, and also added new functions and properties to objects. Players will notice how significantly the cubic world has changed.


The old chat interface has long ceased to respond to user requests, so in Minecraft, several very important and extremely necessary functions have appeared in it. First of all, if the player’s name is mentioned, it lights up in yellow.

By the way, to see the full list of participants, just enter @. In general, the chat area has become more extensive and convenient, now it contains more information about correspondence.


For interaction with various inhabitants of the cubic world to be interesting and diverse, developers are trying to introduce new behaviors for them in almost every update.

In Minecraft PE, in the preparatory process mode, foot mobs began to make sounds while moving underwater, and the spawn will be distributed evenly throughout the playground.


First of all, it is worth noting that in Minecraft there is an opportunity to eat food not only in survival mode but also in creativity. This will significantly expand the capabilities of the latter.

By the way, the textures of some objects and the mechanics of interaction with them have been changed. For example, now you can get not only pieces from fish but also fish bones.

Use all the innovations and make your adventures the most interesting and unforgettable.

  • What opportunities have appeared in the Creative mode in MCPE
    Now the user can easily eat food during creativity.
  • What are the main changes that have occurred in Minecraft PE
    Improving the technical parameters of the game.
  • What errors have been fixed?
    Now you can trade with the healed residents.
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