Minecraft 1.4.2

Minecraft 1.4.2
Update Aquatic

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.2 Update Aquatic apk free: go in search of a sunken ship and find out how to get hewn wood with an axe.

Minecraft 1.4.2: Update Aquatic

First of all, it is worth noting the large-scale work on bugs that were carried out by the developers of Mojang Studios in Minecraft PE 1.4.2. Thanks to this, the game has become even more productive and stable.

Now players can fully enjoy all the delights of water spaces: swim with dolphins and tropical fish, fight with Drowned People, or find incredible treasures.


A great weapon option that can be used in close combat or thrown at the enemy. By the way, if the trident hits the block, it will get stuck in it, and if it hits the mob, it will fall next to it.

You can get such an item only by defeating a Drowned Person.  These monsters in Minecraft 1.4.2 live underwater and often appear with these weapons in their hands. Try to defeat them to take possession of the trident.

The sunken ship

Adventurers in Minecraft PE 1.4.2 should go in search of a sunken ship. Deep under the water on the territory of this new structure, there are from one to three chests, in them, among other things, you can find the heart of the sea, which will be useful when creating a sea guide.

The best way to find this location is to use a dolphin as an assistant in the search. Just feed him raw fish and the animal will show the way. This journey will definitely be remembered by the players for a long time.

Hewn wood

The new decorative block looks much better than the usual options and will decorate any interior or building. You can get it from absolutely any kind of wood.

To do this, in Minecraft 1.4.2, you will need to apply an object such as an axe on wooden blocks. As a result, players will have a great opportunity to show their imagination and creative talent and create something new and unusual.

  • How to update Minecraft to 1.4.2?
    To do that, you need to download .apk file, tap on it and just hit "Install" button.
  • What new wood variants have appeared in MCPE 1.4.2?
    Now you can use different buttons, trapdoors and pressure plates.
  • How to get Trident in Minecraft PE 1.4.2?
    They can be obtained by defeating Drowned with Trident.
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