Minecraft 1.4.1

Minecraft 1.4.1
14 April 2023
Update Aquatic

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.1 Update Aquatic apk free: explore the ocean expanses, use a trident in battle, and find sunken ships.

Minecraft 1.4.1: Update Aquatic

Thanks to the efforts of the Mojang Studios development team, the sea, and underwater expanses have become attractive places to explore. Here players can enjoy incredible inhabitants: tropical fish and dolphins, as well as try to find treasures in sunken ships.

Of course, it was not without dangers in Minecraft PE 1.4.1, since now travelers have every chance to meet Drowned people underwater. These creatures move underwater and will attack as soon as they see a victim nearby.

Heart of the Sea

To find this unique artifact in Minecraft 1.4.1, the player needs to go to the shipwreck site. It is not so easy to find him, so it’s better to ask for help from a dolphin, who will gladly take the player to this location if he treats him with raw fish.

The heart of the sea is used in the cubic world to create a sea guide – a device that allows players to stay underwater longer without additional devices and improves the player’s vision.

New mobs

Because Minecraft PE 1.4.1 is directly connected with water bodies, this update was not without marine life.

Dolphins are very friendly and always ready to help the player. But besides that, the game also has a large variety of fish that can be used as food.


Both in the water and at the surface, players can find a new decorative block. Corals can be broken with a simple touch of the hand, no additional devices are required for extraction.

In Minecraft PE 1.4.1, there are two types of them: normal and damaged. The second one, by the way, looks much worse and has dark and gloomy shades. They do not have any practical use at the moment, but players can use them to decorate their homes in a nautical style.

  • How to update Minecraft to 1.4.1?
    To do that, you need to download .apk file, tap on it and just hit "Install" button.
  • How to get Dried Kelp in MCPE 1.4.1?
    You need to burn normal Kelp in furnace and combine 4 achieved items in your inventory.
  • How to find shipwreck in Minecraft PE 1.4.1?
    They are generated in the oceans.
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