Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: exciting adventures, dangers, and a lot of interesting things are waiting for brave heroes in the cubic world!

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Continuing to develop opportunities for interaction with villagers, the developers of Mojang Studios offer different types of trade with them. The exchange function with the Librarian has already appeared in the cubic world, and other innovations will appear in Minecraft PE

It is also worth noting that in this version, the death screen has become customizable, and when entering and exiting the water, the player will make characteristic sounds. It will be useful for users to know that some mobs will set fire to the enemy when attacking and that Dolphins with balloons tied to them move correctly.

Unlocking recipes

Recently, the recipe unlock function has ceased to be experimental, and now every player can evaluate its capabilities.

To do this, in Minecraft, it is enough to collect ingredients and if there are enough of them, information about this will automatically be displayed in front of the player.

Cherry Grove

There are many ways to make your adventures even more interesting, and one of them is traveling. In Minecraft PE there are many interesting locations, for example, the Ruins of the Trail, where you can find ancient artifacts, as well as Cherry Grove.

This place is characterized by incredible picturesqueness and will give everyone who visits it an unforgettable experience. Players here can replenish stocks of wood with an unusual pink color option.

Suspicious blocks

To start Archaeological excavations, players need to craft a Brush for themselves, as well as find Suspicious blocks in Minecraft PE It is worth noting that these objects are very fragile and it is better to handle them very carefully.

You can find them in the desert, underwater, or in the Ruins of Trails. Be sure to try this activity in the cubic world and become a real archaeologist.

  • Why do I need a Brush in MCPE
    To do Archaeology.
  • Which resident sells enchantments in Minecraft PE
  • Where to find suspicious blocks?
    You can find them in the desert, underwater or in the Ruins of Trails.
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