Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: find out what changes have occurred in the game, and also use new features to improve the gameplay.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Throughout the history of the cubic world, the developers of Mojang Studios have not stopped working on improving the gameplay, as well as constantly correcting various errors and technical failures.

This certainly has a positive effect on the overall user experience of the game and helps them in the process of learning and survival. Thus, in Minecraft PE, the problems that arise during the purchase of goods from the Marketplace have been eliminated. It was also possible to reduce the number of possible departures from the game.

Villages and residents

Several small, but quite important changes occurred in the process of interaction between players and villagers. From now on, the number of zombie residents turning back into merchants does not affect the discount amount when trading with them.
An interesting option appeared in Minecraft for all users: now they can independently create villages without residents. Such a location can be used, for example, for thematic adventures.


Another villager received new functionality from the developers in Minecraft PE Heroes can buy new enchantments from the librarian and use them to defend and attack their enemies.

Cherry Biome

As you know, the Cherry Biome is one of the most beautiful locations in the cubic world. Players can come here to take a break from battles and other exhausting activities. But in Minecraft, this place ceases to be completely safe.

The fact is that now an Outpost of robbers will be generated near this biome. Also, it is useful for players who will be in the village to know that Witches are now using a healing regeneration potion during raids.

  • Which village is not generated automatically in Minecraft PE
    A village without inhabitants.
  • Which resident sells enchantments in MCPE
  • What changes have occurred in the Cherry Biome?
    Now an Outpost of Robbers will be generated nearby.
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