3 August 2023
Trails & Tales Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: Move around the cube world without restrictions, thanks to the new crawling animation.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

In the process of introducing certain options into the block space, various failures inevitably occur. It is their timely detection and elimination that help to keep the gameplay at a fairly high level.

In Minecraft PE, developers managed to get rid of many similar problems, which in turn had a positive impact on performance. The mechanics of the behavior of the Ifrits have also been fixed, which has now become more rational.


The developers pay great attention to the movements of the hero and now a special animation has appeared in the game space. Steve will start crawling as soon as he gets into an opening one block high.

If during such movements in Minecraft, he gets into the river or sea, he will begin to swim. By the way, the switch of this option was completely removed from the settings menu when creating the world.


There are not many plants that players can grow on their own in the cubic world. And even more so, to get seedlings, you will have to bargain with a villager. But in Minecraft PE, two beautiful flowers appeared at once, for planting which you only need to find seeds.

This will help the mob, whose name is Sniffer. He masterfully finds them underground, but due to some clumsiness, he can drop several of them. Be always there to collect these seeds and plant them.


To go into the desert and start archaeological excavations in the real world is available only to specially trained people. In Minecraft, any user has such an opportunity. And his hands must necessarily have a brush.

Thus, you can find many rare and unique items that will help in the process of survival.

  • What kind of object is needed at the excavations?
  • Which mob feeds on seeds in Minecraft PE
  • What seeds does the Sniffer find in MCPE
    Torchflower and Pitcher seeds.
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