Minecraft 1.9.0

Minecraft 1.9.0
29 June 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE 1.9.0 with apk free: use the bell, collect new flowers and make dyes from them, and also learn about the new properties of blocks.

Minecraft 1.9.0: Village and Pillage

In this version of the cubic world, the developers of Mojang Studios have prepared a large number of novelties for the players. For example, you can now decorate your home with new blocks and flowers.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.9.0, there is an opportunity to feel like real defenders and save the villagers from the raids of robbers. By the way, now the villagers will have professions and will become even more useful for the gameplay.


This new block has quite the usual for the cubic world. It is used to alert the villagers about the upcoming raid of robbers. As soon as they hear the sound of it, they will certainly flee to their homes.

If a player wants to purchase it, then he should contact Armorer. In Minecraft 1.9.0, other useful household items appeared, for example, a barrel or a lantern.


New extremely dangerous creatures in Minecraft PE 1.9.0 will now harm the locals and even the player himself in every possible way. They never attack singly, but always do it in small groups.

These creatures are armed, as a rule, with crossbows. Because their main goal is to ruin the village, they arrange their parking place nearby. It’s called the Outlaw Outpost.

Bamboo Forest

The new location is usually located in the middle of the jungle but has a completely different vegetation. Bamboo grows very fast in the real world and in Minecraft 1.9.0 it has three stages of growth.

The main inhabitants of the Bamboo Forest are pandas. These animals received several different behaviors from the developers. For example, a state of calmness, joy, or anger. It is very easy to calm the bears, it is enough to offer them a bamboo stalk.

  • What is the bell used for in Minecraft PE 1.9.0?
    To alert villagers.
  • Who can you meet in the Bamboo Forest in MCPE 1.9.0?
  • What are barrels for?
    For storage.
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Minecraft 1.9.0
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Minecraft 1.9.0

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