26 June 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: use boilers to store water or lava, appreciate the improved animation of robbers, and use signs.

Minecraft Village and Pillage

This update turned out to be very interesting and diverse for the developers of Mojang Studios. Innovations or improvements have appeared in almost all areas of the gameplay. For example, the robbers have now received an animation of shooting from a crossbow.

In the Experimental mode of Minecraft PE, it will be possible to learn about new blocks, such as a cartographer’s table and a blacksmith, as well as a smokehouse and a whetstone, and a bell. Some of these items already have practical applications, while others will be available for use in the next version of the game.


This item is used by villagers to alert them of an impending attack by robbers. It is located, as a rule, in the center of the settlement next to the well. Players can mine it with a pickaxe in Minecraft

As soon as the villagers hear its ringing, they will certainly run to hide in their houses.


To mark an important point on the map or indicate important information for visitors, you can use Signs in Minecraft PE You can make them from three materials: birch, oak, and acacia.

Thus, they are as accessible as possible for players and will suit any interiors and for a variety of tasks.

Melting furnace

If the player decided to start smelting ore, then this block will be simply irreplaceable in this occupation. By the way, the melting furnace works twice as fast as the usual one but also consumes much more resources.

You can see this item in the village and get it with a pickaxe. Also, players can craft this device themselves in Minecraft This will require an actual furnace, five iron ingots, and two smooth stones.

  • What is the flashlight used for in MCPE
    For lighting.
  • Which biome appeared in Minecraft PE
    Bamboo Jungle.
  • What is the robbers' health level?
    15 units.
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