28 June 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: use various useful blocks to speed up processes, as well as evaluate new storage capacities for resources.

Minecraft Village and Pillage

Thanks to the efforts of the developers of Mojang Studios, a large number of new items have appeared in Minecraft PE For example, a lantern will help to illuminate dark village streets or underground spaces.

Also in this version, some technical errors have been fixed, so now the gameplay has become more stable and productive. Also, cats and sheep will no longer appear with a black texture.


This beautiful flower in Minecraft can be found on a plain or a flower meadow. It is used most often to create a blue dye.

But of course, you can just plant it in a pot and use it as an interior decoration. And for lovers of beekeeping to lure buzzing insects.

Melting furnace

The main use of this unit is to melt various ores, weapons, or equipment. You can find it in the village. To do this, find a resident who has the profession of an armorer.

There are two ways to get this block in Minecraft PE Get a previously installed item with a pickaxe or craft it yourself. To do this, collect two smooth stones, five iron ingots, and one furnace.

By the way, this device consumes twice as many resources, but the player will get the results twice as fast. This will allow users to expand their capabilities and try something new in the cubic world.


This item is completely identical in its functions to the chest and even has the same inventory. The only difference is that the barrel cannot be combined with other items.

But at the same time, players can in Minecraft fill it with resources directly from the ejector. Use such an item to systematize and save the various resources of the hero.

  • What are barrels for?
    For storage.
  • Who can you meet in the Bamboo Forest in MCPE
  • Where are slabs used in Minecraft PE
    In construction.
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