25 June 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: learn about the features of the new inhabitants of the cubic world, and also use the cartographer block.

Minecraft Village and Pillage

A wide variety of new blocks are available for players in Minecraft PE It is enough to open the Inventory of the Creative Mode. Use a stone cutter to quickly process strong structures and make them completely smooth.

Also, new Signs from a wide variety of wood species will appear at the disposal of users. For example, birch, acacia, or spruce. In this version, players will learn a lot of new and interesting things.


In this version of the cubic world, these inhabitants will not spawn on their own, but you can find them by turning on the Experimental mode. As a rule, they gather in groups of 4-5 individuals and have 15 health units each.

In case of victory over them in Minecraft, the player will receive a crossbow, because it is with them that the robbers are armed. These mobs are dangerous for the villagers, whom they periodically attack. Also, when meeting with a player, they can attack him.

Be sure to prepare in advance for a meeting with these dangerous inhabitants and try to overcome them.


The new block will help players in the process of exploring the cubic world at night, as well as when traveling in caves. The lantern is generated in Minecraft PE in villages and has a maximum illumination level equal to 15 units.

This will allow you to start a completely new adventure story, find valuable resources, and expand the player’s capabilities in the cubic world.

Bamboo Jungle

Another new biome is available to visit in Minecraft, this is the Bamboo Jungle. In this place, you can meet new kinds of plants, as well as cute and good-natured pandas.

As in the real world, these animals feed mainly on bamboo stalks and lead a fairly quiet lifestyle.

  • Which biome appeared in Minecraft PE
    Bamboo Jungle.
  • What is the flashlight used for in MCPE
    For lighting.
  • What is the robbers' health level?
    15 units.
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