Minecraft 1.6.1

Minecraft 1.6.1
13 April 2023
Phantom and Barrier

Download Minecraft PE 1.6.1 apk free: explore the possibility of elytra and use new blocks to protect the space from various external influences.

Minecraft 1.6.1: Membrane and Barrier

Thanks to the full optimization of the engine, the developers of Mojang Studios managed to significantly improve the operation of the entire system. By the way, performance has significantly improved on some devices, and graphics and sounds have been improved.

Now players should be more careful, because, in Minecraft PE 1.6.1, Phantoms will attack even more often, each time taking away from the victim from 4 to 9 Health Points.


This new device in Minecraft 1.6.1 was created specifically for those players who would like to explore the cubic world from a bird’s-eye view. It is attached to the back like a cloak and looks more like gray wings.

To create and further repair Elytra, Phantom Membranes are needed. These objects can be obtained only in one way – by defeating a flying monster.

Phantom Membrane

As you know, previously there were no flying and dangerous creatures in the cubic world. Before the Phantom, only bats could fly, but they did not bring any harm to the player. Quite another thing is the new inhabitant of the game in Minecraft PE 1.6.1.

It will be difficult to cope with it even for a well-trained hero, but in case of victory, the reward will be excellent loot, which will be useful when creating elytra.


It is impossible to see these blocks in survival, just as it is impossible to pass through them. Even water and rain cannot leak through the barrier. To get this object, the player needs to switch to Creative mode and enter the appropriate command.

Take the received block in your hand to see the ones that are already installed on the site. It is noteworthy that previously they were available only to developers and only in Minecraft 1.6.1 became available to all players.

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  • Who is a Phantom?
    This is a special opponent that appears in MCPE 1.6.1 after several nights of wakefulness.
  • What loot do players get from the Phantom?
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