13 April 2023
Phantoms and Barrier

Download Minecraft PE apk free: try not to sleep for several days to meet a new and very dangerous opponent in the cubic world.

Minecraft Barriers and Phantom

By universal vote, users chose the Phantom as the next mob to appear in the game. In Minecraft PE, players can already try their hand at fighting this dangerous opponent.

But besides that, there are other changes in this version, for example, an error was removed, because of which most creatures did not display limbs. Also, the game no longer crashes when downloading ready-made sets of skins.

The division has reappeared in the inventory and all items are in separate cells.

Barrier Blocks

These blocks are suitable for those users who create a variety of maps for the passage. This object lets sunlight through, but no creatures, players, or other objects can pass through it.

Theoretically, if you surround a zombie with barriers, it will die from sunlight. By the way, it is very durable, even Wither will not be able to blow it up or destroy it.

To get this object in Minecraft, you need to go into Creative mode and enter the command /give @p barrier. Red blocks will appear in the quick access slots, holding one of them in your hands, you can see those that are already installed.

The Phantom

To see this dangerous monster, it is not enough just to wait for the night, you need to stay awake for several nights in a row. Attacks a Phantom in Minecraft PE from the air. And so that the player has as little chance as possible to answer, he leaves thick smoke behind him.

But the victory over this flying mob will be rewarded with wonderful loot. The membrane that the player receives is used to repair Elytras – a special device for flying. Another use case is to create a slow-fall potion. It allows players not to take damage when falling from a height.

  • Who is a Phantom?
    This is a special opponent that appears in MCPE after several nights of wakefulness.
  • What loot do players get from the Phantom?
  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE
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