13 April 2023
Phantom and Scoreboard

Download Minecraft PE apk free: learn how to make Phantoms appear over the player, and also learn all the innovations in the cubic world.

Minecraft Commands and Phantoms

The main attention in this version was paid by the developers of Mojang Studios to the correction of various technical errors, which, of course, affected the quality of the gameplay. Thus, in Minecraft PE, the selected skin is saved when you exit the game, and equipped items will not disappear in the event of the death of the hero.

Also, the ability to lay eggs has been returned for turtles, but be careful, because hostile mobs can attack them.

Commands and Phantoms

In Minecraft, another rather interesting and useful console command has appeared that will help summon Night Monsters. It is enough to enter dolnsomnia and the player’s sleepiness level will change in such a way that it will lead to the appearance of Phantoms.

As you know, these mobs appear if the player is awake for several days. They will circle over the hero and attack him in groups of 3-4 individuals. It is worth noting that it is quite difficult to cope with them, so it is better to think about weapons and equipment in advance.


In case of victory over the Phantom, the player with a small probability can get very interesting and useful loot. The membrane has two ways of application. Firstly, it can be used to create a potion that will allow the player not to take damage when falling.

The second use case is the repair of Elytras. These items are similar to wings and allow players to float freely in the air. In Minecraft PE, heroes can try to defeat the Nightmare of the night skies and get a rare item.

Other changes

Mojang Studios developers try to pay equal attention to all aspects of the game, such as mobs, biomes, and blocks. Nothing goes unnoticed. For example, in Minecraft, a dynamite explosion underwater, although it will have a great destructive force, none of the creatures and heroes will suffer from it.

  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE
  • What loot do players get from the Phantom?
  • Who is a Phantom?
    This is a special opponent that appears in MCPE after several nights of wakefulness.
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