Published: 12 April 2023
Modified: 14 April 2023
Phantom and Barrier

Download Minecraft PE apk free: use barrier blocks to protect buildings from evil spirits and use new development opportunities.

Minecraft Barrier and Phantom

Large-scale work to eliminate the identified errors, as well as to optimize the entire gameplay as a whole was carried out by the developers in Minecraft PE They also managed to successfully introduce new dangerous creatures into the game.

It will be useful for players to know that barrier blocks, which were previously available only to the creators of the game, can now be used by absolutely anyone. The main thing is to know how to get them and use them correctly.

A nightmare

Players who accidentally or intentionally stay awake for several days have every chance to encounter very dangerous monsters. As a rule, phantoms attack in groups.

The best thing in the fight against these mobs will help the sword, which was enchanted with a fire conspiracy, and even better with heavenly punishment. In Minecraft, if a player defeats such a powerful opponent, he has every chance to receive a membrane as a reward. Use this item to repair Elytras.

Invisible Blocks

The main feature of this unit is that in survival it is invisible and does not let water through. You can only see it in Creative Mode. Use the /give @p barrier command to get this object.

It is noteworthy that in Minecraft PE, it absolutely does not pass water, and also no monster will pass through it.

Other changes

Interesting features also appeared in Minecraft, for example, Phantoms that appeared through the use of a Spawner will not appear in the sky and get stuck in the ground.

Also now players can create a decorative pool. Simply place the algae in a water column where only the upper block is the source of the liquid. Use all the innovations to make the gameplay as interesting and diverse as possible.

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