Phantom and Elytra

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Minecraft Phantom and Membrane

During the game, various problems and failures arise now and then, which the developers try to eliminate as quickly as possible. Therefore, Minecraft PE is no exception, in this version, the desynchronization of animations and sounds during resource extraction has been fixed.

It is worth noting that some innovations have also become available to players: now the phantom has received twice as much health, but it can die if it accidentally flies into the lake.


This object has only one use case in Minecraft – as an auxiliary element for flights. That’s why it looks like wings. But for it to work in full, players will need to periodically repair Elytra.

To do this, the player will have to get a very rare item – the Phantom Membrane.

Phantom Membrane

A very important item can be obtained in Minecraft PE only one way – by defeating a Phantom. But even if successful, there is no guarantee that the player will become its owner, because it drops extremely rarely.

That is why this object is very much appreciated in the cubic world. Users can also use it to create a special potion that slows down the player’s fall and allows you to redirect him to a higher point.


After the appearance of the Phantom in the game, several errors in the behavior of other creatures were noted, which is largely due to the unusual nature of the first one. Therefore, the developers carried out extensive work to correct errors, as a result of which the instant death of the Edge Dragon disappeared from the game in Minecraft PE

Also, the Phantoms will no longer spawn in the sky, and the hermits will again be dressed in torn clothes.

  • Why do users need Elytra in MCPE
    In order to fly.
  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE
  • What loot do players get from the Phantom?
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