12 April 2023
Phantom and Membranes

Download Minecraft PE apk free: use new barrier blocks, learn how to defeat the Phantom, and evaluate other important changes in the gameplay.

Minecraft Phantom and Barrier

In Minecraft PE, developers have carried out extensive work on the introduction of new objects and optimization of existing processes. Thus, players now have the opportunity to place special blocks that can protect the territory from moving unwanted creatures.

Also, a dangerous opponent has appeared in the cubic world, but if he is defeated, the hero will receive a very rare and useful loot. Also now users can move the menu tabs at their discretion.

The phantom

is a rather dangerous opponent who can defeat the player even in iron or diamond armor, and appears only if the hero is awake for several days. Phantoms attack, as a rule, in a pack of 3-4 individuals and leave a haze after the attack, which hides their location.

In case of victory over this creature in Minecraft, the player will receive a very valuable item called a membrane.


This block sets invisible boundaries that neither players nor creatures can pass through, even water and rain will not seep through it. This object is not in the Inventory, you can only summon it with a special command.

By the way, in Minecraft PE it has no texture, and in Creativity, it looks like a red crossed-out square.

Other changes

From the membrane obtained after defeating the phantom, you can get a slow fall potion. There are two versions of this drink, explosive and settling.

In Minecraft, it allows you not to get injured when falling from a height. It will also be useful for players to know that in this version it is possible to saddle a donkey or a mule only after taming them.

  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE
  • Who is a Phantom?
    This is a special opponent that appears in MCPE after several nights of wakefulness.
  • What loot do players get from the Phantom?
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