Minecraft 1.5.2

Minecraft 1.5.2
14 April 2023
Update Aquatic

Download Minecraft PE 1.5.2 Update Aquatic apk free: experience the influence of sea power, meet turtles, and replenish oxygen reserves underwater.

Minecraft 1.5.2: Update Aquatic

To a greater extent, this version is aimed at correcting previously identified errors that significantly affected the gameplay. Thus, optimization has been improved in Minecraft PE 1.5.2, so crashes will not occur during loading.

Also, pictures are displayed again in the in-game store and it is fully available for viewing existing products. Players can continue exploring underwater territories, especially since there are all the necessary resources for this.


Like all the items and mobs that appear in this update thread, the turtle shell is also directly connected to water bodies. Resources for creating it in Minecraft 1.5.2 can be obtained from adult turtles, which drop their shells during growth.

You can use a ready-made object to protect the player from enemy attacks. Also, while underwater, the heroes may notice a column of bubbles rising to the surface.

This phenomenon will help the player to get oxygen and increase the speed of ascent to the surface, just enough to get inside it.


The turtles that have become the main characters of this update branch are very important to the player and need his protection. The fact is that the eggs from which their cubs emerge are food for dangerous creatures.

In turn, when reaching adulthood, mobs in Minecraft PE 1.5.2 begin to drop shields, from which you can create protection or a helmet that allows you to breathe underwater.

Sea Guide

To learn how to move quickly underwater and breathe without the use of additional means, players in Minecraft 1.5.2 can build a special device.

After its activation, you can easily go to explore the underwater depths and search for incredible treasures that are stored in these places.

  • How do turtles reproduce?
    They lay eggs.
  • Why does a player need a turtle shell?
    In MCPE 1.5.2, you can use it to breathe underwater.
  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE 1.5.2?
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