Minecraft 1.5.0

Minecraft 1.5.0
14 April 2023
Update Aquatic

Download Minecraft PE 1.5.0 Update Aquatic apk free: use a special device to breathe and see underwater.

Minecraft 1.5.0: Update Aquatic

By the name of this update branch, Update Aquatic, all the changes that the developers of Mojang Studios introduce into the game are somehow related to water objects. Firstly, a new mob has appeared in the game, which feels great both on land and underwater.

By the way, Minecraft PE 1.5.0 players will be able to build a special device, under the influence of which you can breathe freely and see perfectly in underwater space. Explore all the new features right now and make the gameplay even more interesting.

New mob

Turtles are peaceful creatures that lay eggs. You can meet them most often on the sand, near the water. They will bask in the sun and certainly not in a hurry.

They live, as a rule, in flocks and can swim quite quickly. In Minecraft 1.5.0, some aggressive mobs hunt their eggs, so the player should be extremely careful.

Turtle Shell

In the process of its growth, when the shell becomes small for the turtle, it drops it and gets a new, bigger one. But the one that she no longer needs may be useful to the player.

The fact is that Minecraft PE 1.5.0 can create a special helmet from them. This will require five such items and by wearing it the player will be able to breathe freely underwater.

Marine Lighthouse

A marine lighthouse will help players realize the most daring underwater ideas. Being in the area of its action, the player will breathe underwater without any additional devices.

It is also worth noting that Minecraft 1.5.0 will help to improve the overview of the underwater world. Use this opportunity to learn something new and unusual right now.

  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE 1.5.0?
  • Why does a player need a turtle shell?
    In MCPE 1.5.0, you can use it to breathe underwater.
  • How do turtles reproduce?
    They lay eggs.
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