Minecraft 1.5.1

Minecraft 1.5.1
14 April 2023
Update Aquatic

Download Minecraft PE 1.5.1 Update Aquatic apk free: experience the influence of a column of bubbles underwater, and also watch baby turtles emerge from eggs.

Minecraft 1.5.1: Update Aquatic

Continuing the large-scale renewal of underwater spaces, the developers of Mojang Studios provide players with more and more opportunities to explore these amazing territories.

In Minecraft PE 1.5.1, a new phenomenon has appeared – a column of bubbles, while in which players will do without additional devices for obtaining oxygen. Of course, some technical errors have also been fixed in this version.

For example, problems with logging in to the account have been fixed, as well as additional resource packages will not damage textures when loading.

A column of bubbles

If the player urgently needs to get to the surface or for some reason he was left without an oxygen source, a column of bubbles will help him. In Minecraft 1.5.1, such an underwater phenomenon appeared for the first time.

The fact is that once in it, the hero will climb up faster and will be able to regain his breath.

New Block

The new blocks that appeared in Minecraft PE 1.5.1 are turtle eggs that these mobs lay. As a rule, you can find them in small depressions in the sand in the amount of 10 to 15 pieces.

By the way, many dangerous creatures are not averse to eating them, but the hero can try to protect the turtle’s offspring.


To increase the population of these animals, it is enough to feed two individuals with algae, after which one of them will crawl to lay eggs. It is noteworthy that in Minecraft 1.5.1, these creatures can be very useful for the player.

From their shell, the heroes can craft themselves a special helmet that gives an Underwater breathing effect for a while. But do not try to kill the turtle for this, in case of death, it drops only algae. To get shields, you need to wait until the mob throws them off during its growth.

  • Why does a player need a turtle shell?
    In MCPE 1.5.1, you can use it to breathe underwater.
  • Which mob appeared in Minecraft PE 1.5.1?
  • How do turtles reproduce?
    They lay eggs.
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