Minecraft 1.18.10

Minecraft 1.18.10
Published: 3 February 2023
Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.10 apk free: dive into a gloomy dungeon, find out how the effect of darkness works and appreciate the updated soundtrack.

Minecraft 1.18.10: Caves & Cliffs

In Minecraft PE 1.18.10, the developers not only took into account and corrected all previously encountered errors but also added new content. The textures of blocks and objects have been changed. This is done to be more consistent with the Java version.


The new inhabitant of the swamp biome has many interesting features. Frogs can jump high, and also walk on land and croak. Animals can be propagated with the help of Seagrass.

After the creature lays eggs, small tadpoles will hatch from it. If they are far from the reservoir, they should be moved into the water. Because otherwise, they may die. In Minecraft PE 1.18.10 Caves & Cliffs, 3 types of these mobs appeared, they differ in color, it depends on the biome.

For example, in a cold area, the color will be green, in tropical forests white, and in swamps orange.


In Minecraft 1.18.10, developers have added an interesting feature to frogs – to create special blocks. They are called Froglight and can be used as lighting fixtures.

It is enough to feed the mob with small Lava cubes and after that. The new object will fall out of it. It is available in three colors: purple, yellow, and green. It depends on what color the animal that reproduced it has.

New effect

Every player who wants to go on an exciting journey should visit underground caves in Minecraft PE 1.18.10. In them, you can find minerals and see strange plants or stalagmites. At the same time, travelers should stock up on torches or other light sources in advance.

Because due to the insufficient amount of light in these locations. The player may be exposed to the effect of darkness. This will make the hero extremely vulnerable and helpless to enemy attacks.

  • How many mobs are in Minecraft PE 1.18.10?
    25 new mobs have been added.
  • What was added in MCPE 1.18.10?
    The developers have added many biomes, expanded the height and depth of the game world.
  • What determines the color of the frog?
    From the biome in which she appeared.
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