Minecraft 1.16.221

Minecraft 1.16.221
5 March 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.221 Nether Update apk free: find unique berries, get to know a friendly creature, and also get a solid block.

Minecraft 1.16.221: Deepslate and Glow Berries

First of all, it is worth noting that in Minecraft PE 1.16.221 Nether Update, developers have significantly improved performance and fixed those errors that interfered with stable gameplay.

By the way, in this version of the game, mountains, and caves are generated in a new way. And if in the first case, the appearance of the objects was improved, then the underground spaces became more detailed and thoughtful. They have separate rooms and a lot of useful resources.

Glow Berries

Up to five units of hunger can eliminate Glow Berries. These plants in Minecraft 1.16.221 Nether Update grow in underground caves and it is quite easy to find them, thanks to the glow that comes from them.

It will also be useful for players to know that no more than 3 berries grow on one branch. They can be placed on the extreme surface of the blocks and grown independently.


This block in Minecraft PE 1.16.221 Nether Update is similar to a stone, but it has a darker texture. You can’t get it with any tool other than a pickaxe. At the same time, the player receives a Crushed Slate, and it is possible to create a full-fledged block from it after firing.

Do not try to find it in the Nether, it is generated only in the Upper World.


If the player has to explore underwater spaces, he should get an assistant. The Axolotl is perfect for this because it will protect its owner from the attacks of Drowned and other aggressive mobs underwater.

You can tame this creature in Minecraft 1.16.221 Nether Update with the help of fish. Another useful property of this creature is that it can impose a regeneration effect on itself and the player and treat fatigue.

  • How many hunger units eliminate Glow Berries in MCPE 1.16.221?
    Up to 5 units.
  • How can you tame an Axolotl in Minecraft PE 1.16.221?
    With the help of fish.
  • What tool should be used to extract Deepslate?
    With a pickaxe.
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