Minecraft 1.16.220

Minecraft 1.16.220
Published: 5 March 2023
Modified: 15 May 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Nether Update apk free: explore underground caves in search of Glow Lichen and light your way with Soul Lantern.

Minecraft 1.16.220: Glow Lichen and Deepslate

In Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Nether Update, players are waiting for a lot of different innovations and interesting features.

Especially interesting in this version are the underground caves, in which there are more different rooms and interesting objects. Thanks to such improvements, the game world has become much more interesting and diverse.

Players can find a unique plant there – Glow Lichen, and it is recommended to use Soul Lantern to illuminate the space.


This block is similar in its properties to a stone. You can get it only in the Upper World and do it best with a pickaxe, while the player will receive a Cobbled Deepslate, but using Silk Touch charms will correct this situation. When you try to mine with your hand or another tool, nothing will fall out.

Deepslate is used in Minecraft 1.16.220 Nether Update only for decorative purposes, and Silverfish can make it charged.

Soul Lantern

A great way to scare off piglins is Soul Lantern. The fact is that these mobs try to avoid its blue glow and will not attack the player if he has such an object in his hand.

To create it, you will need 8 copper ingots and one torch of souls. By the way, this object will be a wonderful decoration of the dwelling, and will also allow you to illuminate the dark areas of the caves.

In Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Nether Update, its lighting level is 10 units.

 Glow Lichen

Going deep underground into a cave or an abandoned mine, players will be able to find an unusual plant. You can notice it by its characteristic glow and get it with any object. You can even cut it with scissors.

Glow Lichen appears in Minecraft 1.16.220 Nether Update on blocks such as stone, earth, andesite, and dropper.

  • Where can players find Glow Lichen in MCPE 1.16.220?
    In underground caves.
  • What level of illumination does the Soul Lantern have in Minecraft 1.16.220?
    10 units.
  • What will it take to craft a Soul Lantern?
    8 iron ingots and 1 soul torch.
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