Minecraft 1.16.210

Minecraft 1.16.210
5 March 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Nether Update apk free: try to mine copper, but it is recommended to do it with a netherite pickaxe so that the result is faster.

Minecraft 1.16.210: Copper blocks and Updated Mountains

In this version, the developers of Mojang Studios have added a lot of new novelties that will certainly delight players with new features. By the way, the heroes will have to explore the updated mountain biomes and caves, which have already begun to change on the eve of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Nether Update, now when using bone meal in marine locations, you can create only underwater plants. And by installing Minecraft Original Music Pack, you can hear new sounds in the game.


The extraction of valuable materials has always played an important role in gameplay. That is why developers try to add new blocks as often as possible. This time in Minecraft 1.16.210 Nether Update, you can mine copper.

It is recommended to do this with the help of a pickaxe from netherite because using other tools will not give the proper result. After receiving the ore, it can be melted into ingots.

Use them to create objects that are useful in everyday life, such as a lightning rod, a telescope, or a copper block.


There is a replenishment in the underwater biomes and this is a squid. In principle, this creature is completely harmless, but if the player attacks it, he will get a charge of ink in his face, which will significantly interfere with the review.

By the way, in Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Nether Update, these creatures are useful precisely for their ink bags, which are used in crafting recipes.


The developers are gradually revealing the secrets of the future update, but for now, in Minecraft 1.16.210 Nether Update, mountain biomes are beginning to be updated. Now they look just amazing and very realistic.

By the way, in these locations, you can meet new creatures from the cubic world – goats.

  • What underwater creatures appeared in MCPE 1.19.210?
  • What is Squid useful for a player in Minecraft PE 1.19.210?
    Ink bags.
  • With what tool should copper be extracted?
    Netherite pickaxe.
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