Minecraft 1.16.200

Minecraft 1.16.200
3 March 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.200 Nether Update apk free: get ready, because there are even more dangerous creatures, and also evaluate some technical changes.

Minecraft 1.16.200: Hoglins and Goats

The developers of Mojang Studios have updated the sound settings in this version of the game. Thanks to this, Minecraft PE 1.16.200 Nether Update has new sounds for various blocks, mobs, and objects.

By the way, if the power of the device driver is insufficient, the players will be informed about it.

Piglin Brute

With these creatures, it will not be possible to make an exchange and peacefully settle the situation. They are very good with an axe, which they always carry with them, and will certainly try to attack first.

Piglin Brute in Minecraft 1.16.200 Nether Update is extremely hostile and has a strength twice the capabilities of standard opponents.

Very curious creatures from the Nether Dimension that players can breed. The fact is that there are no analogs of such behavior in the cubic world. That is, as a rule, aggressive creatures cannot be propagated.

But with Hoglins, the situation is quite different. Use Crimson Fungus so that they begin to have cubs, but do not confuse this plant with Warped. After all, this kind of mob is the most feared in the world.

By the way, if this creation in Minecraft PE 1.16.200 Nether Update gets into any other dimension, it will turn into its zombie version and become much more dangerous.


These creatures are harmless until the player decides to attack them. After that, the goats can push back hard. In Minecraft 1.16.200 Nether Update, they spawn in mountain biomes in groups of several individuals.

By the way, there are both adults and cubs. As a drop, users can get raw meat from them. This innovation applies to future updates, so it is available in the Experimental game mode.

  • Where do goats live in MCPE 1.16.200?
    In mountain biomes.
  • Who do the Hoglins turn into in Minecraft 1.16.200?
    In Zoglins.
  • What are the dangers of Piglin Brute?
    They will immediately attack when they see the player.
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