Minecraft 1.16.101

Minecraft 1.16.101
3 March 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.101 Nether Update apk free: create incredibly durable tools and weapons from netherite and use Respawn Anchor.

Minecraft 1.16.101: Hoglin and Zoglin

This version of the cubic world can safely be called the most stable and productive compared to previous releases. This became possible thanks to the efforts of developers and hard work on bugs.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.16.101 Nether Update, new splashes have appeared that will add fun while the player is waiting for the game to launch. This version is also fully compatible with all platforms released earlier.

Players can again buy goods in the in-game store and the currency will be spent correctly.

Respawn Anchor

In this version of the game, very unusual blocks have appeared, with which you can set a rebirth point in the Nether. Respawn Anchor is charged in Minecraft 1.16.101 Nether Update using Glowstone and has 4 charge levels.

With each use, the level decreases by 1. In no case should you use it in Overworld or End, because there it will instantly explode.


These hostile mobs are found in Minecraft PE 1.16.101 Nether Update in Crimson Forest. Plant a Warped Fungus next to you or install Respawn Anchor and then Hoglin will be afraid to approach the player.

The cubs of these creatures are capable of attacking, but they can get scared and run away from the offender. But an adult individual will try to harm the enemy and throw him into the air.


These creatures were once Hoglins, but after getting into Overworld or End, transformed into a more dangerous monsters. These mobs are immune to lava and fire and throw the target into the air when attacking.

In Minecraft 1.16.101 Nether Update, they cannot get offspring and are not afraid of Warped Fungus. As a drop from these creatures, players will receive rotten meat, similar to other undead.

  • How many charge levels does Respawn Anchor have in MCPE 1.16.101?
    4 charge levels.
  • With which block is Respawn Anchor charged in Minecraft PE 1.16.101?
  • Who does Hoglin turn into if he gets into Overworld?
    To Zoglin.
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