Minecraft 1.16.10

Minecraft 1.16.10
28 February 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.10 Nether Update apk free: defeat Piglin Brute and try to tame Strider with his favorite treat.

Minecraft 1.16.10: Piglin Brute and Hoglins

In this version of the game, the developers have combined all the most important aspects, thanks to this Minecraft PE 1.16.10 Nether Update has become incredibly stable and interesting for players. A lot of unusual locations have appeared in the dark dimension, which certainly deserves the attention of players.

Among them are Crimson and Warped Forests, in which the heroes will not only meet with unusual creatures but will also be able to admire the incredible landscape. Another very interesting biome is Basalt Deltas, in which you can observe an amazing natural phenomenon – fog.

Soul Sand Valley

This biome is a large cave or grotto, in which malicious creatures often spawn. The territory of Soul Sand Valley in Minecraft 1.16.10 Nether Update consists of unusual white blocks.

They are called Soul Soil and the easiest way to get them is with a shovel. By the way, if you light a fire on such a block, it will cause more damage than usual.

Piglin Brute

It is very easy to distinguish these creatures from their more peaceful version, they wear black clothes and always have an axe in their hands. Trading with them in Minecraft PE 1.16.10 Nether Update will not work, they are extremely aggressive and immediately engage in battle.

Piglin Brute also has increased speed and agility.

Warped Fungus

This plant will be useful for those players who want to tame Striders. To do this, you just need to combine Warped Fungus with a fishing rod and you can control the creature.

Also, with the help of this delicacy, you can accelerate the growth of the cubs of these mobs. But these are not all useful properties of this object. In Minecraft 1.16.10 Nether Update, creatures like Hoglins are afraid of him and even avoid him.

  • Which plant will help tame the Strider in MCPE 1.16.10?
    Warped Fungus.
  • Where can players find SoulSand in Minecraft PE 1.16.10?
    In Soul Sand Valley.
  • What creatures are afraid of Warped Fungus?
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