Minecraft 1.16.0

Minecraft 1.16.0
27 February 2023
Nether Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.0 Nether Update apk free: embark right now on one of the most exciting journeys in your life to an unusual dimension, where many new products have appeared.

Minecraft 1.16.0: Strider and Piglin

The whole new update branch is dedicated to Nether, the developers have completely transformed this dimension. It has unique inhabitants, cute and useful Striders, as well as more dangerous creatures.

By the way, in Minecraft PE 1.16.0 Nether Update, space generation has been expanded, and new biomes and unusual blocks have appeared. In general, this place has a rather gloomy atmosphere, with black and red tones, and it is complemented by ominous background music.

Bastion Remnant

This dilapidated structure looks like an abandoned castle made of dark blocks. There are always crowds of opponents around her, such as Piglin Brute or Hoglins. You can meet this building in Minecraft 1.16.0 Nether Update in almost all Nether biomes.

If the player is lucky enough to get inside, he will find several rooms there. These will be living quarters, stalls for Hoglins, and a real treasure trove. It is the contents of the latter that attract adventurers to this place.


Every user of the cubic world should get to know this cute inhabitant of the Nether dimension. This creature will never attack the player, and if you offer him a Fungus, then he will also be happy to help the hero overcome the territory filled with boiling lava.

The fact is that this mob in Minecraft PE 1.16.0 Nether Update is not only not afraid of hot liquid, but also always tries to be closer to it.


For this creature not to attack the player, he should remember the boundless love of Piglins for gold. Thus, in Minecraft 1.16.0 Nether Update, a hero in golden armor will not attack this creature.

He is hostile to Wither Skeleton and Hoglins.

  • What structure can I visit in MCPE 1.16.0?
    Bastion Remnants.
  • What creatures live in Nether in Minecraft PE 1.16.0?
    Striders, Ghasts and many others.
  • How do I get into Nether?
    Build a portal and set it on fire.
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