Minecraft 1.11.4

Minecraft 1.11.4
Published: 6 July 2023
Modified: 24 July 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE 1.11.4 with apk free: evaluate all the technical changes that have occurred in the cubic world and earn new achievements.

Minecraft 1.11.4: Village and Pillage

This update introduces only technical changes to the gameplay, which are also important in the cubic world. Also, fixed bugs related to the fact that the functions of non-block blocks did not match their textures.

In Minecraft PE 1.11.4, players can fully enjoy the optimized gameplay, and the number of game crashes is reduced. Also, the large-scale development of all areas of the gameplay related to robbers and raids continues.


This event is directly related to the robbers who explore the surrounding space during the patrol. It is worth noting that in Minecraft 1.11.4 patrolling mobs will not attack residents.

But at the same time, players should not relax, because the raid can begin at any moment and then the villagers will be in mortal danger.

Bad Omen

Raids will not occur so often in the gameplay, but if the player does not get lucky and he will not be able to save the villagers from the attack, he will receive a special achievement.

It is called Bad Omen and in Minecraft PE 1.11.4, having it, the player will cause raids every time he enters the territory of the settlement.


The process of trading with the villagers has become more diverse and interesting in Minecraft 1.11.4. The developers have added more features and even different levels for merchants.

The more successful transactions they make, the higher the status. By the way, having received an achievement, which is called the Hero of the Village, the player will receive the most favorable conditions when buying a variety of goods and items.

Therefore, the players have the incentive to defeat the robbers and help the locals escape from complete ruin.

  • Which character appeared among the robbers in Minecraft 1.11.4?
    The leader.
  • What effect does the raid on the village cause?
    Bad Omen.
  • How can players recognize the Leader of the Robbers in MCPE 1.11.4?
    He will have a black flag.
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