Minecraft 1.11.0

Minecraft 1.11.0
3 July 2023
Village and Pillage

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Minecraft 1.11.0: Village and Pillage

In this version of Minecraft PE 1.11.0, the developers managed to fix such critical errors that could greatly harm the gameplay in the future. Also, some innovations have appeared in the cubic world, thanks to which it will be even more interesting for players to explore the surrounding space.

For example, the entire process of trading with residents has been updated. The interface has been improved, and new additional panels have been added to expand the exchange process. Various blocks, such as a cartographer’s table or a bonfire, are now available without using the Experimental Mode.

The Raid

The process of the raid is directly related to the new inhabitants of the cubic world – robbers. As players already know, these mobs set up their camp near the village, called an Outpost.

Periodically, they arrange patrols to assess the situation around them, as well as raids. By the way, in the process of attacking settlements, players can try to fight back in Minecraft 1.11.0. If the hero manages to win, he will receive a wonderful reward.


As a reward for the work done, the player will receive an effect or achievement, which is called the Hero of the Village. By the way, in Minecraft PE 1.11.0 there is another effect called the Bad Omen.

If a player with such a brand enters any village, a raid will certainly begin there very shortly.

The leader of the robbers

Now there will always be a leader among the robbers. He never participates in raids, at this time this character will observe what is happening, standing at the top of the Outpost. You can find it in Minecraft 1.11.0 by the black flag that this mob has.

  • Which person appeared among the Pillagers in Minecraft 1.11.0?
    The leader.
  • How can players recognize the Leader of the Pillagers in MCPE 1.11.0?
    He will have a black flag.
  • What effect causes a raid on the village?
    Bad Omen.
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