Minecraft 1.11.1

Minecraft 1.11.1
Published: 4 July 2023
Modified: 24 July 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE 1.11.1 with apk free: save defenseless locals from the raids of dangerous mobs and get the title of hero, as well as learn about all the innovations.

Minecraft 1.11.1: Village and Pillage

In the process of development, more and more diverse functions and novelties appear in the cubic world. At the same time, various errors inevitably arise, which the developers of Mojang Studios are trying to fix as quickly as possible.

Thus, in Minecraft PE 1.11.1, problems with logging in to the account were eliminated and, in addition, it was possible to find out the cause of the memory leak due to the script, which was also promptly fixed.

Hero of the village

The new effect will allow players to buy goods from residents at a big discount and even receive some items for free because joyful mobs will give them to their savior.

But it will not be so easy to get such an achievement. The fact is that to do this, a player in Minecraft 1.11.1 will need to repel a raid of robbers. This process is complicated not only by the fact that they attack, as a rule, as a whole group. They are always accompanied by a huge and strong animal that has great strength.

Bad Omen

If the player fails to save the settlement from ruin and the bloodthirsty robbers still destroy it to the ground, he will receive another achievement. It is called Bad Omen and the player who has it will automatically cause a raid in Minecraft PE 1.11.1 as soon as he enters any village.


A beautiful device for notifying villagers about the upcoming raid appeared in Minecraft 1.11.1. The bell is generated automatically and makes a loud sound.

If a player wants to acquire such an item, he can contact a Merchant or a Blacksmith, but he will have to pay a lot of emeralds for it.

Each player can decide for himself, after hearing the bell ring, to stay and help the locals or to get out of the settlement as soon as possible and save at least his life.

  • What effect does the raid on the village cause?
    Bad Omen.
  • Which character appeared among the robbers in Minecraft 1.11.1?
    The leader.
  • How can players recognize the Leader of the Robbers in MCPE 1.11.1?
    He will have a black flag.
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