Minecraft 1.10.0

Minecraft 1.10.0
Published: 2 July 2023
Modified: 24 July 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE 1.10.0 with apk free: try to fight dangerous mobs, meet a traveling merchant, and buy something from him.

Minecraft 1.10.0: Village and Pillage

In this version, the developers of Mojang Studios continue to improve various aspects of the gameplay. Thanks to their actions, players will have the opportunity to interact with traveling merchants who sell various outlandish items.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.10.0, you can decorate monochrome flags and put all kinds of drawings on them. Try out all the new features right now.

Sweet berries

The plant on which players can see sweet berries has three stages of growth. It can be found in Minecraft 1.10.0, as a rule, in the taiga. There are usually two to four berries on one bush.

Players, of course, can use them to satisfy their hunger, but it should be taken into account the fact that after eating their movements will be slowed down for some time.

The Traveling Merchant

This unusual mob always appears accompanied by two lamas and never stays in one place for more than 2-3 days. You can always buy outlandish items from all over the cubic world from him.

The Traveling Merchant is a novelty version of Minecraft PE 1.10.0.


You can meet robbers in Minecraft 1.10.0 absolutely in any biome since their spawn points are installed everywhere. They are usually armed with crossbows, but there are mobs with axes.

After defeating them, the player will receive this weapon at his disposal. As a rule, they do not move one at a time but meet in groups of five individuals.


The place where these dangerous creatures live in Minecraft PE 1.10.0 is called the Outlaw Outpost. It is a high tower, on top of which there is a chest with valuable items.

There will always be a few Robbers and their faithful companion Ravager walking around.

  • What is the stonecutter used for in MCPE 1.10.0?
    For processing blocks.
  • Where do Pillagers live?
    In the Outpost.
  • What dangerous creature appeared in Minecraft PE 1.10.0?
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Minecraft 1.10.0
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Minecraft 1.10.0

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