Published: 30 June 2023
Village and Pillage

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Minecraft Village and Pillage

This is the first version from the third branch, which received the name Village and Pillage from the developers. Players will have to get acquainted with the various functions of new characters, as well as use the most unusual devices in the construction process.

Also in Minecraft PE, there will be a new type of food – sweet berries. It is recommended to use it only as a last resort because after eating, the player’s movement will slow down.

The Destroyer

The developers of Mojang Studios decided in Minecraft to complicate the process of fighting with robbers. The fact is that now they will always be accompanied by a huge and dangerous beast.

Indeed, Ravager has a fairly large size, and dangerous enemies will move on horseback on it. The battle with him always takes a lot of strength and health from the player and can even end in death.


Especially for those players who would like to transform the standard appearance of blocks, a stonecutter appeared in Minecraft PE Its functionality includes the processing of source objects.

Just put any material in it and watch the transformation, use this feature during the construction process.

Outlaw Outpost

This new location in Minecraft will be interesting and useful to players because there will be a treasure chest at the top of the tower. But at the same time, it will be extremely difficult to get to it, because there is always a maximum of robbers guarding it around the Outpost.

It is quite easy to find this place, it is always located near the village. Robbers regularly leave their camps to raid civilians. Try to protect them and get valuable items as a reward.

  • What dangerous creature appeared in Minecraft PE
  • What is the stonecutter used for in MCPE
    For processing blocks.
  • Where do Pillagers live?
    In the Outpost.
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