1 July 2023
Village and Pillage

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: learn about the innovations in the gameplay, as well as who ravagers are and how players can use the bonfire.

Minecraft Village and Pillage

The gameplay in Minecraft PE is so exciting that players will not have time to get bored. The fact is that the developers have updated the appearance of the villages, making them suitable for the biome landscape in which they are located.

Also, dangerous robbers will always set up their camps near them now. It is becoming increasingly difficult to defeat them because now these creatures are accompanied by huge and strong monsters.


Now players will have the opportunity to have a real picnic in the forest and enjoy the magical atmosphere. The fact is that in Minecraft, a bonfire appeared with crackling sounds and a large column of smoke rising.

This object also has quite a practical application, you can cook food on it. Keep in mind that this will take longer than in the oven.


In Minecraft PE, you can create an item useful during a battle from six boards and one iron ingot. The shield is activated by the squat button and will help save the hero’s life in case of multiple attacks by opponents.


Thanks to the efforts of the developers of Minecraft PE, the appearance and functionality of the villages have been significantly improved. It is worth noting that in each biome the buildings will differ.

Also now in each settlement in the center, there will be a well and a bell. The second item notifies residents of an impending threat. The intelligence of the villagers has been refined, so now they will have certain professions.

For example, a librarian will inspect bookshelves, and a blacksmith will forge armor and weapons. There will also be unemployed people, they can be recognized by their green clothes.

  • Where do Pillagers live?
    In the Outpost.
  • What dangerous creature appeared in Minecraft PE
  • What is the stonecutter used for in MCPE
    For processing blocks.
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