Minecraft 1.20.60

Minecraft 1.20.60
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.60 apk free Copper Update: evaluate the capabilities of the new block, with which players can receive a valuable reward.

Minecraft 1.20.60: Copper Update

The large-scale development of Trial Chamber continues in Minecraft PE 1.20.60. Every player who wants to go on an interesting and exciting journey must visit this location.

But in the process of exploration, certain difficulties may arise, because various monsters often appear in these places. In this version, the developers have fixed the colors of the particles that appear from the Breeze. Also now this mob will attack the Iron Golems.


Players have previously learned that this mob lives in the savannah, as well as in the Badlands, and feeds on the eyes of spiders. Therefore, these creatures will avoid Armadillo. Now, in Minecraft 1.20.60, sounds will be heard around this mob, and the developers have also updated the sounds of taking damage.

If the player hits Armadillo, then for another 10 seconds this animal will be considered a threat to him.

A valuable reward

Probably, every player does not mind getting some valuable item just like that. And in Minecraft PE 1.20.60, this opportunity appeared thanks to Vault. But to get what is hidden in it, you must first find the Trial Key.

At the same time, if a player has already opened a block before, he will not be able to open it a second time. The well will be closed. But if another hero approaches the same Vault, then it can open, provided that he has not previously opened it.

This device is immune to explosion, it cannot be moved or crafted. In case of a breakdown, nothing will fall out of the object.

Trial Spawner

In Minecraft PE 1.20.60, a new type of mob generator has become available to players. It is reflected from the original version in that it has several levels of difficulty.

The level will increase if the number of players increases near the block.

Also, in case of victory over all the monsters that appeared from it, the players will receive a decent reward.

  • What is the Trial Key used for in Minecraft PE 1.20.60?
    To open the Vault.
  • What items does this block contain in MCPE 1.20.60?
    Treasure and Drop.
  • In which case will the keyhole be closed?
    If the player has already opened this Vault.
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